Film Showing Approval

Film Showing Approval

All student organizations must complete this form before receiving approval to show a film on campus. 

Please submit this form three weeks prior to your intended date.

If you have any questions completing this form, please contact 

Have you obtained the rights to show this film? (You are required to obtain the rights to show any film on campus. The Library database has obtained the rights to a number of films, therefore it may not be necessary for you to purchase the rights as an organization). 
Please upload a copy of the approved request from the production company

This can be an email message, an invoice, a screenshot or a letter from the Ithaca College Library Database stating IC has purchased the rights for public showing.

If you officially have the rights to show the film on campus, a representative from the Office of Student Engagement will send you approval message, cc'ing Conference and Event Services (CES). If you're confused about how to go about obtaining the rights to a film, e-mail Thanks! 

Please hit next and submit for approval on the next page.